Q: How does Discover work?
A: People submit links (also known as "sites" or "pages") to share on Discover and those links are voted on using the green + button to add one vote to the score, or using the red - button to take one away from the score. The "score" is the number between those two buttons which indicates how much people like any given link.

Q: Can I submit something that's already been submit before?
A: No. To prevent redundant links, each unique URL can only be submit once. That means that while someone may have already posted www.example.com, sub-pages like www.example.com/discover.html are still welcome.

Q: What's a URL?
A: It's short for Universal Resource Locator, though no one ever calls it that. A URL (each letter is pronounced as it's own syllable) is the address of a file on a computer. That could mean something on your local computer, like "C:\Windows\Office\Word.exe" or something online, like "http://www.google.com/index.html" - those are addresses of files, or URLs for short.

Q: Sometimes when I vote the link's score doesn't change correctly, why?
A: Actually, when you vote the score is updated with your vote - and everyone else's votes. So if you voted a link up, but two other people voted it down since you last refreshed your page, it will appear as though you voted it down. (Since +1 + -2 = -1.) The same could be said if you voted a link up, but so did 5 other people - when the score refreshes it will look like you voted it up 6 times.

Q: Why is the website so boring looking?
A: Because it's still under heavy construction. Hopefully you won't think this by the time it's "done" - whenever that is.

Q: Where can I submit feedback or suggestions?
A: Right now you can't, simply because this is a one-man project, and I already have so many changes I want to make that I don't really have time for outside suggestions. Once I think I've got a good first draft ready, then I will start taking suggestions.

Q: These are the frequently asked questions?
A: Not really. No one has asked these questions yet, but since there were a few obvious ones, a FAQ seemed like a good thing to start.

Q: Pirates or Ninjas?
A: Ninjas