Websites Developed
A fully-customized website for a high-quality Painting and Decorating company, Everett-Kayser Inc., located in Connecticut. Included search engine optimization, browser compatibility and ground-up design.
A minimalistic single-page site, designed and built by Michael, to show off articles and other writings by the author. Intuitive navigation, modern design and complete compatibility with all modern browsers.
Website designed by the client, with focus on expedited service. This independent film's website was built off identical concept screen shots in just 3 days work, and was delivered to the client who provided their own hosting.
Designed in tandem with the classroom teacher, this site was built with a custom admin system. This allows the teacher to update the site by simply logging in, with no need to worry about any scripting languages.

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Tutor Testimonials

I met Mike in 2005 when I was taking a calculus course at Muhlenberg College. I was having trouble with some of the concepts and my professor suggested that I try the tutoring program. I was paired with Mike, who was always available to spend extra time with me if I needed it and was extremely patient. By the end of the semester my professor was very impressed with my improvement in the class and my final grade reflected it. Mike's instruction was invaluable and I cannot thank him enough for his help. - Ian E. I write now not because I feel like I am "doing a solid" for a fellow computer science major, but to fully express my gratitude. In the first two years studying computer science, Mike was one of the biggest reasons why I continued to learn the subject. He was just the patient teacher that I needed to help me. - Kyle H. When I was younger, I had a lot of trouble with advanced mathematics, to the eternal frustration of both myself and those trying to get me through it. Mike began tutoring me, and he did something that nobody had ever managed to do for me before; keep things interesting. I can honestly say that I don't think I'd have been able to complete my education without his help. - Johnny K.
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Tools, Games and More

Calvin & Hobbes Search
As a Calvin and Hobbes fan, Michael decided to build a basic search engine for all Calvin and Hobbes strips, using his LAMP environment, a complete script he found online, and the strip's collection. The search engine allows exact phrase search, and specific date look-up and has been featured on Slate, Gizmodo, The Atlantic, Neatorama and many more.
During Michael's first semester of Computer Science, he quickly adapted his new found skills to his love for gaming. In over 2000 lines of C++ code (all in the same function), Michael wrote his first game: a simple text-based monster battle RPG game.
Vigenère Cipher
After taking a course on cryptology in college, Michael chose his favorite cipher (the Vigenère) for use encrypting non-critical information online. To allow himself to do this, and to gain a better understanding of the cipher he built this simple web tool in one day.
In an attempt to learn more about Ajax, online sessions, and functional design, Michael created a semi-functional social news site in two weeks, similar to Digg or reddit. Discover incorporates Ajax, user profiles, and a strong LAMP environment.
This simple online copy/paste tool was born out of a need for Michael to quickly and easily transfer simple, short lines of text (such as a phone number or WiFi key code) to another computer or user. To save time and paper, Michael quickly wrote up this useful tool.

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